Thanks for entering my site! Please take a look

around and see if you find something of interest!

I’m a guitar principle at Berklee College of Music,

dual majoring in Film scoring and Pro music! My

target time is 8 semesters, and I’m already on

schedule! After finishing almost 4 semesters in

one year (56/60 credits), it’s just hard work

remaining to finish it all up!

Three bands are in possession of me at Berklee:

*Video Game band - playing retro classics and are

aiming for GDC this year. Will play originals by

VGMC composers on request!

*Fusion band - Commanded by drummer Max Jaeger!

*Symphony X cover band - inspired by their concert, nov 08’

I’ll do my best to keep the page up to date at any time, and please let me know if you miss anything! All my pages are written in English, except one: The guitar lesson tab, which contains courses that will only be available in Larvik at the School of Performing Arts!

These are my business cards so far as a professional video game composer, they are designed in photoshop and front page was glossed in the final result, which became quite nice in fact! If you want one, let me know!


-Albert Einstein